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August 26, 2022

With the end goal of breaking down communication barriers and enhance collaborative efforts within the PGB community, the Provincial Information Technology Office (PITO) is proud to introduce the PGB Intranet, an online portal designed to bring every member in the loop. Inspired by social networking sites, this portal is equipped with familiar, yet powerful tools that will boost productivity and transparency among its members. Users of the Intranet are able to join and participate in various focus groups, upload and share documents among peers to reduce waste, submit ticket for various types of requests, schedule important events on the built-in calendar just to name a few.

While the Intranet is still currently under development, members of the PITO have recently conducted an oriention with select members of the Provincial Treasurer’s Office together with Ms. Alicia R. Magpantay – Provincial Treasurer on the 29th of August. Functional modules and features of the said portal are discussed, as well as a demo of how information flows through the system. This is done as inputs from the audience will be considered in the development process.

2 thoughts on “PGB Intranet Orientation

  • Alicia Magpantay

    Thank you for including our office in the pilot offices for this intranet functionality. We are looking forward to implementing the Intranet at the PTO and have better communications within and outside our office.

    Congratulations in advance for the success of this initiative.


    • Jojit Padre

      Thank you very much Treasurer Ma’am Alice Magpantay and to the Provincial Treasurer’s Office personnel. We’re looking forward for this activity.

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